what is professional squirrel removal

What is Professional Squirrel Removal?

Squirrels can be a menace by causing substantial damage once they make their way into an attic, crawl spaces, walls, chimney, or any other available space. Squirrel control majorly involves a combination of squirrel eviction and exclusion, preventing the animals from making a permanent residence.

Professional squirrel removal entails using the services of an animal removal company that offers humane pest control services. Each pest control company has different techniques in evicting and excluding squirrels, but the trapping methods used should fall within the accepted and approved way of handling pests. Whichever company you settle on should perform an on-site inspection after which they will provide an estimation of the cost of the removal procedure.

Different squirrels exhibit diverse behaviours and thus your professional service will determine the appropriate way of setting up the traps and permanently keeping them out.

A professional removal company will provide a diagnosis for your squirrel invasion problem, and provide a solution on how to remove them, along with the appropriate repairs required to seal construction gaps and holes allowing the offending individuals entry into your home. One of the most common methods used by professional companies is squirrel trapping. The traps are placed in strategic locations and do not present any harm to the squirrels. They are ensnared and eradicated using specialized exclusion devices.

Professionals will use a special vacuum system to take care of the feces cleanup, thus promoting an effective and safe environment. The cost of the whole removal process depends on the professional company hired and the type of services granted. The price goes higher if home inspection and evaluation is done. Some of the services offered by a professional company include, but are not limited to inspection, setting and checking of traps, animal removal, entry and exit points sealing, fumigating damaged areas, cleanup procedure. The entire cost depends on the magnitude of the problem and the damage incurred.