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Skunk Removal Milton. Skunk invasions are on a rise. Numerous homeowners have been complaining about being invaded by the stinky mammal. Due to the spread of urbanization, these nocturnal mammals have nowhere to go but urban homes to invade, in their need for survival. Skunks look to fulfill their basic needs, food, water and shelter. All homes provide these necessities, so skunks do not have to search too far. These miscreant creatures are responsible for a lot of property damage. But the most number of complaints are related to the foul spray that they spray, especially on domestic animals, in their attempt to distract their host and escape when threatened.

We at Skunk Removal Milton understand your predicament and have the best solutions to rid you of your skunk problems. We use innovative, safe and humane methods to remove skunks from your property. We also provide control measures and seal all entrance points, used by these animals, to gain entry into your property. Call us at 647-496-2215 and our technician will help you book an appointment.

Bothersome Skunks

Homeowners find skunks a very bothersome issue as they cause extensive property damage in gardens, lawns and building structures. Skunks uproot plants and shrubs in search of smaller animals that they feed on. Skunks eat mice, rats, moles, birds, insects and insect larvae. They also burrow deep holes in gardens and destroy vegetation. Skunks build their nest under porches and decks. They make burrows to hide and nest in. These damages cost a lot to be repaired. You can avoid such problems by immediately alerting us of a skunk invasion as soon as you realize you have one. We will rid you of your problem, thus minimizing the potential extent of damages.

Potential Health Hazards

Skunks have ticks and fleas and these parasites get transferred onto your pets at home if they come in close proximity to skunks. Some skunks are rabid and this could be dangerous if they scratch or bite humans. Skunks are not ferocious animals until they feel threatened. They emit an oily spray that stinks. Once sprayed on, this foul odor doesn’t leave the host easily. Even after days of bathing and washing the putrid smell stays.

Skunk Removal and Control

We at Skunk Removal Milton offer you the best removal and control treatments to get rid of skunks. Our removal methods are innovative and guaranteed to completely eradicate skunks from your property. Our staff is skilled, experienced and licensed to locate the access points created by skunks and seal them permanently.  Call us at 647-496-2215 and speak to our technician who will book an inspection appointment. Following the inspection, we will offer you the best, affordable removal solution to suit your requirements.